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Sept, 2008

Websites for artists promoting themselves prove a must ..

Websites for artists promoting themselves prove a must continually. This website was built for singer/song-writer Vin Bhairo as a home page for contact with his music.

This website was commissioned in August 2008 and was online a few weeks later. The brief was to design and create a fairly basic website of around 4 pages in length providing a place to collate some of Vin's tracks, photos, links and any other information about gigs and future releases with a simple email from anywhere in the world. Vin uses this site and his business cards to promote himself. Why not order matching business cards to promote your new website? Prices start from £25 for 250. There are various qualities & finishes - please contact me for exact details.

If you would like more information about websites like this one, how long they take to make, and how much they are please read the FAQ's or email me with a specific project proposal.

For the technologically inclined the site is also updated remotely and any graphics or layouts needed are created in the Planet System studio here in Brighton or supplied by Vin. Any new information is added to the site and photos are updated. This is a fairly advanced website for small to medium company use. This type of website is perfect for smaller companies and/or individuals (as also listed in the FAQ's or portfolio webpages in this site). It is a fully compliant website using CSS and html coding techniques. If you would like to find out more about how you or your company could get a website like this one please telephone me or email me for a chat. Quotes and prices for these kinds of websites are based on either a specific project price or amount of main pages. I would be happy to discuss your budget.

To visit the Official Vinod Bhairo website : Click here >>

Customer comment / review:
"Paul built my website to help me promote my music. He has an impressive knowledge of how to maximise the potential of your website as a business tool. With an intuitive and creative approach, I wouldn't hesitate in recommending him to businesses and individuals across a range of industries." (Vinod Bhairo)




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Websites for artists promoting themselves prove a must ..