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Jan, 2009

The Rockinghorse Appeal (making life better for children in hospital) website.

The Rockinghorse Appeal is a charity making life better for children in hospital providing equipment, toys, refurbishments and support to children's hospitals. Fancy doing a skydive for charity? There are all sorts of events and challenges for charitable causes on this website. Click the link below to visit the site.

For the technologically inclined this site is updated remotely also. Any new press releases are added to the site and articles are updated constantly. This is a fairly advanced website for medium to large company use. Many smaller companies and/or individuals would need a less involved website as listed in the FAQ's or portfolio web pages in this site. If you would like to find out more about how your company could get a website like the Rockinghorse Appeal website with mulitple users able to upload or if you would like Planet System Websites to keep your existing website up to date with your new articles, photos, reports and/or products please telephone me or email me for a chat. Prices vary according to volume of updates and/or are priced in project bundles or by the hour. I would be happy to discuss your budget.

To visit the Rockinghorse Appeal website : Click here >>




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