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Jan, 2010

The completely FREE entertainment app for your mobile that earns you cash!..














This is an internet surfing mobile-phone application called Get Jam - it has music news and clips, internet funnies, video clips, interesting advert vids and more ... you collect 'points' (or berries) for stuff you watch that you can swop for CASH (into your PayPal), ringtones, wallpapers, top-up credit and/or iTunes vouchers. If you have (contract) free internet surfing (or use FREE Wi-Fi to surf) with your mobile then its all FREE (you do need a sony ericsson or nokia phone though). Earn +£10 this week FREE. If you are interested you can read all about it or download your very own one at: - or contact me..

If you are on a contract and have free internet on your phone text the word "Jam" to 88600 and follow download instructions on your phone. If you are on a contract with your mobile and aren't sure if you if you would be eligable for free internet via your handset phone your provider and ask. Then text "Jam" to 88600. And yes, I am involved with this!

Only available in the UK *


** NEW ** GetJam is now available to ALL mobiles and is FULLY INTERNATIONAL (inc. iPhone) - for this version go to on your mobile and SIGN IN (with your mobile phone number and PIN) or SIGN UP - easy !! **

** 100% FREE TOO ! ** earn cash FREE : collect berries ! How many can YOU collect ?







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