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March, 2011

New tattoo studio website with controllable photo galleries

This website was commmissioned in February 2011 and was launched online in March.

This site is currently live online and Dead Lucky specified that they wanted to upload their own photos from their tattoo and piercing studio to their website.

They also had a strong idea of the full-on graphic look they wanted for their website. Their website also matches their company stationary and image. This was totally accomplished.

The site is targeted both globally and locally in Brighton and Hove areas specifically. If you would like more information about websites like this one, how long they take to make, and how much they are then please read the FAQ's guide or better still email me with your specific project proposal.

For the technologically inclined the site is updated remotely and any graphics or layouts needed are created in the Planet System studio here in Brighton in association with the ideas that Dead Lucky Tattoo has. All the photos are controlled by the client and are updated and changed regularly. This saves you web designer costs as you can control part of the content of your site yourself. Any other new information is added to the site immediately and photos are updated from various locations. This type of website would suit many internet web site applications where you can control the photo content yourself; perfect for small to medium company use, artists and/or individuals (as also listed in the FAQ's or portfolio web pages in this site). It is also a fully compliant website using CSS, html, PHP and javascript coding techniques. If you would like to find out more about how you could get a website like this one please telephone me or email me for a chat. Quotes and prices for these kind of websites are based on either a project price or amount of main pages and galleries. I would be happy to discuss your budget and idea.

Click here to visit the site

"First of all Paul was a very nice and patient person to work with, we were very picky and particular about how the website looked and how the photos on our site were viewed in the gallery, he worked very hard to get this working the way we wanted it, and from previous experience with web development, that doesn't happen very often, usually they just give you what they want and thats what you get. We were very happy with the quality of work that he did and would recommend Planet System Websites to anyone who is looking for a great job that was very very affordable!"

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