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Feb, 2009

After the launch of the antique bath restoration website ..

After the launch of the antique bath restoration website the proprietor is over the moon. Many users have commented on this website as well as lots of interest in its services; especially in the geographic catchment areas that this company trader operates.

The website was commissioned in February 2009 and was online a few weeks later. The brief was to design and create a fairly basic website of around 5 pages in length providing both advertising for this company but also information for prospective customers. After a few weeks of being launched using the results from the analysis report and seeing how many visitors visited and seeing where they were from became useful for the company's marketing strategies. The proprietor received monthly reporting detailing information about the performance of his site each month. If you would like more information about websites like this one, how long they take to make, and how much they are please read the FAQ's or email me with a specific project proposal.

This type of website is perfect for smaller companies and/or individuals (as also listed in the FAQ's or portfolio web pages in this site). It is a fully compliant website using CSS and html coding techniques. If you would like to find out more about how your company could get a website like this one please telephone me or email me for a chat. Quotes and prices for these kind of websites are based on either a project price or amount of main pages. I would be happy to discuss your budget.

Customer comment / review:
"Paul designed and built a 5 page web site detailing the services my business provides. Paul is exceptionaly good at doing what he does and he went the extra mile to get my web site just how I wanted it. I am very pleased with what he has done to promote my business and services. I cannot recommend Paul too highly." (Dave Smith ~ Bath Magic)



After the launch of the antique bath restoration website ..

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